About the Collaborative for Community Wellness

Erie Neighborhood House is a partner organization of the Collaborative for Community Wellness. This is "a collaborative that brings together mental health professionals, community based organizations, and community residents to address the lack of mental health access and to redefine mental health to match the needs of the community."

Visit the Collaborative for Community Wellness website to learn more.

What do you think about mental health access in Chicago?

The Collaborative for Community Wellness wants to hear from you. 

Do you believe that there are enough mental health resources available in your neighborhood? Take our survey.

The survey will only take 5 minutes of your time and your answers will help us advocate for services that meet the needs of all Chicagoans.

¿Qué piensa sobre el acceso a la salud mental en Chicago?

La Colaborativa Para Bienestar Comunitaria quiere saber!

¿Cree que hay suficientes servicios de salud mental disponibles en su vecindario?

Esta encuesta la tomará solo 5 minutos de su tiempo. Sus respuestas nos ayudarán a apoyar por servicios que satisfagan las necesidades de todos los habitantes de Chicago.

What is Or2020-242?

The Chicago Crisis Response & Care System is an order introduced by Ald. Rossana Rodriguez-Sanchez and 8 other co-sponsors. It would appropriate funds from CPD's budget to create a crisis response system for mental health emergencies, diverting calls from the police and ultimately expanding public mental health clinics.

In order to include the Crisis Response & Care System in the 2021 budget planning, the Health & Human Relations Committee needs to allow for public testimony before October 30, 2020.