Community Resources & Empowerment

We equip our community with the tools and information needed to thrive in the face of adversity, including “Know Your Rights” trainings and direct outreach.

Outreach and Training

We host “Know Your Rights” workshops and provide information and education to arm our community with critical knowledge and resources in the event they are confronted by law enforcement or immigration officials. 

We also employ a team of Community Navigators to reach our community during critical times like the Census count and elections to share important information, encourage greater civic participation, and amplify our community’s voices.

Civics Education and Citizenship Support

We offer a free 12-week course in both English and Spanish to help individuals prepare for and succeed in their naturalization exams and interviews, including topics in US history and civics, and reading and writing. 

Legal Services for Citizenship & Immigration

Our in-Erie House team of attorneys and legal representatives help their clients navigate the US citizenship and immigration system. 

For scheduling and appointments, please contact our team at (773) 231-7884 or by email at

Proyecto Cuídate

In our Proyecto Cuídate — literally translating to “Project Take Care” — programs, we provide an array of services to support, inform, and educate the community on topics that strengthen the individual and family unit. Working primarily in Little Village, our aim is healing, building relationships, and creating safe spaces to promote wellness in the community. 

Proyecto Cuídate also collaborates and partners with agencies and schools throughout Chicago and in partnering towns to provide educational supports around trauma, mental health, domestic violence, bullying prevention, and restorative justice, as well as other community wellness and safety topics. 

Proyecto Cuídate is one of Illinois’ Family Advocacy Centers under the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS). 

Supportive Groups for Women and Parents

Women's Empowerment

We provide safe spaces for women to explore, discuss, and learn about building coping skills for emotional well-being, with topics ranging from self-care and self-esteem to communication and healthy relationships. 


In a series of weekly sessions, we provide educational, dynamic trainings for parents in topics including: developing realistic expectations of children, appropriate discipline, developmental states and areas of child development, and utilizing self-regulating techniques.

Our Impact

We’ve reached over 12,000 people with “Know Your Rights” trainings, helping to keep our community informed and empowered when potentially confronted by ICE.

Our outreach team connected with over 180,000 people in the city of Chicago and nearly 160,000 in hard-to-count suburbs to encourage greater 2020 Census participation to secure critical resources for our communities.

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