Proyecto Cuídate

We provide an array of services to support, inform and educate the community on topics that strengthen the individual and family unit in Little Village and surrounding areas, with the aim of healing, building relationships, and creating safe spaces to promote wellness in the community.

Case Management & Counseling

Our team of clinicans delivers trauma-informed care and support for you and your family through free individual and group therapy. We also provide case management for Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) clients.




Little Village


Mariana Martinez
Clinical Therapist
(773) 542-7617x2809

Education & Empowerment Groups

We offer parenting groups and workshops on topics such as teen dating and effects of technology on the development of a child as well as women's empowerment groups to support you in your journey, creating safe spaces where you can learn and grow in community with others.


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Little Village


Erika Flores
Community Support Specialist
(773) 542-7617x2812

Youth Programs

Our work with youth in South Lawndale/Little Village includes restorative principles classes in the school setting, anti-bullying and suicide prevention training, an after-school leadership program, and a mentoring initiative for students aimed at building youth power, support, and positive identities and relationships to inspire resilience in our communities.




Little Village


Solomon Martinez
Community and Youth Program Coordinator
(773) 542-7617


You can make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and families in the South Lawndale/Little Village community.


Participate in a team environment to provide support to local youth, build positive relationships, and share resources to help them reach their potential.

Ideal Commitment: 1 day/week throughout the year


Get hands-on experience as you complete your social work or psychology internship through your undergraduate or graduate program. 

Ideal Commitment: Semester/Full Academic Year, depending on program requirements


85 adults

received individual therapy,

with duration of care lasting
from 12 weeks to a year

46 students

participated in a youth mentoring initiative

in Little Village

63 parents

completed at least one of our

10-week parenting classes

Meet Our Participants: Pastora Ramirez & Felix Garcia



Aug 4 2020

Meet the Proyecto Cuídate Counseling Team

We’re excited to announce that the Erie House Proyecto Cuídate counseling team has recently grown to a full staff of ...

Apr 28 2020

Proyecto Cuídate Provides Remote Trauma-Informed Counseling and Supportive Groups for our Community through COVID-19

In our Proyecto Cuídate community wellness and safety programs, we help individuals and families heal following trauma. Through ...


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There are no upcoming events at this time.