Rental Assistance

In line with Erie House’s unwavering commitment to empowering our community members, a recent client story beautifully illustrates the impact of our holistic approach to support. 

A client who actively participated in our ESL classes faced the distressing reality of falling behind on rent payments. Recognizing the urgency of his situation, we referred him to our Proyecto Cuidate department for potential rental assistance.

Through our comprehensive screening process, which aligns with our mission to serve those in our community, we discovered that he qualified for the IFSP program. As the sole provider for his household and having recently battled COVID-19, rendering him unable to work, his plight exemplified Erie House’s spirit – to uplift and support individuals during their most vulnerable moments.

With a sense of urgency and a deep-seated commitment to our mission, we swiftly expedited his application, ensuring he promptly submitted all necessary documentation. The arrival of funds from the IFSP program, just in time to meet his imminent rent deadline, epitomized the tangible impact of our work. With his rent covered, he could allocate his remaining resources towards other essential expenses, such as bills and groceries, alleviating the burden of uncertainty and providing a much-needed sense of stability for him and his family.

This client’s story resonates deeply with Erie House’s unwavering commitment to providing comprehensive support to our community members, ensuring they have the resources and opportunities needed to thrive. It is a testament to our programs’ transformative power and dedication to creating a brighter future.