A Message for Inauguration Day: An Inclusive America Is a Stronger America

Today, Mr. Trump, as you commit to serving as President of the United States of America, we at Erie Neighborhood House choose to reaffirm our own commitment to our mission of working toward a just, inclusive society.

We have discovered over the course of our 147-year history that by welcoming immigrants into our neighborhoods, supporting families in need, and providing a better future for generations of children and youth, we are building stronger, more vibrant communities across the city of Chicago.

Mr. Trump, it is our hope that as president you will see that same is true for our great nation: A just, inclusive America is in fact a stronger America. 

When the contributions of immigrants are valued and families remain united, we are stronger.

When all students have equal opportunities to succeed in school and in life, we are stronger.

When families find access to quality, affordable early childhood education, we are stronger.

When opposing viewpoints of political discourse are respected and heard, we are stronger.

When refugees are treated with dignity and respect, we are stronger.

When women’s rights are indeed human rights, we are stronger.

When access to healthcare is a right for all and not just a privilege for the few, we are stronger.

When people living on the margins encounter opportunity rather than oppression, we are stronger.

When our diversity as a people of every race, culture and religion is celebrated, we are stronger.

On this day, like every other day for the past 147 years, we will continue on our journey toward a just, inclusive society. We invite you, Mr. Trump, to walk alongside us in this endeavor.

Kirstin Chernawsky
Executive Director, Erie Neighborhood House

Kirstin Chernawsky is the executive director at Erie Neighborhood House, a historic settlement house agency serving low-income, primarily Latino families in Chicago.

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