Statement on Erie House Vote to Unionize

In an election hosted by the National Labor Relations Board on May 1 and 2, a majority of eligible employees at Erie Neighborhood House voted to unionize. As a result, all professional and non-professional staff members in the bargaining unit will now be represented by AFSCME Council 31 in contract negotiations.

While Erie House administration maintains the stance that we would prefer to work directly with our staff on matters of wages, hours, and terms and conditions of employment, we will nevertheless commit to an honest, fair negotiation process that acknowledges the role played by each member of our staff.

We believe the commitment we all share to the mission of Erie House will bind us together as we move forward as an organization.

Now more than ever—with constant, ever-growing threats to our community—it is imperative that we do just that, working as one alongside our participants in the pursuit of a more just, inclusive society.

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